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<   No. 844   2005-05-19   >

Comic #844

1 {Me thinking in front of the computer}
2 {Me thinking even harder}
3 Me: I hate it when I write myself into a corner.
4 {scene change: night outside Will's house}
4 Ophelia: So how do we get in to Will's house?
4 Mercutio: Oh. Hadn't thought of that...

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This just happens sometimes.

2014-07-10 Rerun commentary: You can see a string tied around my wrist in panel 2. When I made this strip I'd recently returned from a trip to Thailand. During that trip I'd visited Wat Pho in Bangkok, home of the famous huge reclining Buddha. There were various celebrations taking place in the temple grounds, with monks variously sprinkling people with water and tying strings on to their wrists, in the good luck custom of baci.

Since I enjoy taking part in local customs, I proffered my wrist, and a monk tied one of the threads on. And since the custom is to leave the string on for several days, I did so. I'm not sure if it actually brought me luck in any sense, but I'm pretty sure it did no harm.

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