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<   No. 890   2005-07-04   >

Comic #890

1 Ophelia: What is it about Éowyn, anyway? I would have thought guys would rather go for Arwen.
2 Mercutio: Arwen's cute and all, but she'd only be into elfy things, like gardening and embroidery.
3 Mercutio: Whereas Éowyn is equally hot, but would also knock back a beer and play Quake Deathmatch with you.

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What an idiot that Aragorn is.

2014-09-02 Rerun commentary: I did a search for "elfy things", and there are quite a few hits, but a lot of them seem to be concerned with the sort of elves who help Santa Claus, rather than the sort who hang our in forests and stare aloofly at lesser races. I was hoping for a definitive list of elfy things that one could do. Tolkien never got around to that in any of his appendices, alas.

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