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<   No. 891   2005-07-05   >

Comic #891

1 Lambert: Remember that time my uncle Bilbert was captured by orcs? He developed a cunning plan to escape.
1 Alvissa: Oh?
2 Lambert: One night, he slipped his bonds and headbutted the orcs while they slept, then tied their feet together to prevent them running away.
3 Lambert: Next morning he marched them into his village, expecting a hero's welcome. But the town guard arrested him for treason.
4 Alvissa: On what grounds?!
4 Lambert: 'eading and 'obbiting the enemy. {Draak, Mordekai, and Kyros turn tail and flee}

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Hobbit pun time again! I know you can't wait for the next hundred strips to roll around for this. This is a direct follow-up on Lambert's "uncle Bilbert" story that he began in #791.

I know tying people's feet together is hobbling, not "hobbiting", but I figured it was close enough to attempt a triple pun.

2014-09-03 Rerun commentary: Looks like they're making some progress on the raft. I like the out-of-focus scenery on the river bank in the background of panel 2. I have no idea what it really was. It might be the edge of the table and my TV in the distance on the right hand side, but the bright blue thing at left is something on the table. As part of a riverscape it looks like it could almost be rapids or rocks with white water around them. Not exactly the sort of thing you want to negotiate in a barge, but it could just be a small patch near one bank.

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