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<   No. 935   2005-08-18   >

Comic #935

1 {scene: Hitler's Brain's chamber in Berlin}
1 Nazi: Mein Führer! A report from Herr Kolonel Haken und Erwin!
1 Hitler's Brain: Do they have die orichalcum?
2 Nazi: Nein! They are taking die zeppelin to Moscow to chase Fraulein Dr Smith, who stole it from them! She is a Russian spy!
3 Hitler's Brain: Ach du lieber! Tell me, who is on die list at die moment?
4 Nazi: Erm... Austria und Poland, mein Führer!
4 Hitler's Brain: <sigh> Add Russia.

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Ah, good old Hitler's Brain. We haven't seen him for a while. Nor "Nazi 1", as this other character is known.

2014-10-24 Rerun commentary: Erwin doesn't seem to have a rank. At least I don't ever recall assigning him one. I think something close to Unteroffizier is about right, though I'm hesitant to make that canonical.

(And it's interesting that although the original annotation calls the Nazi in this strip "Nazi 1", he is indicated merely as "Nazi" in the transcript. That's because the number isn't necessary unless there's a second Nazi in the same strip, so I left it off.)

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