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<   No. 1007   2005-10-29   >

Comic #1007

1 [caption]: In strip #462, Luke's lightsabre blade was blue, despite the scene occurring after he'd lost his original lightsabre and built a new one, with a green blade.
1 {Image shows panel 2 from strip #462, with Luke in the foreground clashing with Vader's lightsabre, and the Emperor watching in the background.}
2 [caption]: This was because the LEGO Group don't make green blades. However, always concerned with accuracy, I have now fixed this.
2 {Image as before, but with Luke's blue lightsabre blade changed to green.}
3 [caption]: This involved using Photoshop to manipulate the original image. But then I thought, "Why stop there?"
3 {Same image, this time with Luke's LEGO head replaced by Mark Hamill's and the Emperor's LEGO face replaced by Ian McDiarmid.}
4 [caption]: In fact, I could go further and improve on the original movie...
4 {Still from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, showing Jimmy Stewart looking over his long-lensed camera.}

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A reader recently pointed out this problem with strip #462. In fact, I was aware that Luke used a green lightsabre at that point in the movies, but, as explained above, the LEGO Group don't make their lightsabre blades in green. The closest is a colour they call "Transparent Neon Green", but that looks very yellowish, and not at all like the colour of Luke's blade in Return of the Jedi

So I was inspired to make this strip, with some help from another reader for the initial idea of editing the image more and more.

The hard part was choosing which movie to "transmute" the scene into for the last panel. I considered some modern science fiction like Serenity or Aliens, and even something like Lord of the Rings, but in the end I decided to opt for a timeless classic.

Jimmy Stewart is one of my favourite actors, and Rear Window one of my all-time favourite movies. If you didn't recognise the scene, well, you've missed a fine movie.

2015-01-16 Rerun commentary: This is not to say that I think Return of the Jedi is a bad film. It too is one of my all-time favourites.

A lot of humour is making fun of stuff. And I like to make fun of stuff I like, because honestly it's more fun than making fun of stuff I don't like. Why would I spend my leisure time thinking about stuff I don't like, when I could spend it thinking about stuff I like?

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