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<   No. 1266   2006-07-15   >

Comic #1266

1 Stud: {spotting a table set with food and drinks in the room} Food!
1 Honey: It's probably drugged.
2 Stud: Who cares? It's not like some lunatic with metal hands is going to come in while we're asleep. {drinks}
3 {they eat and crash to the floor, unconscious}
4 {a mysterious figure, seen only from behind, enters and looks at them, brandishing an evil-looking metal hand}

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Food is hard to simulate with blocks of Lego. Hopfully the white and yellow pile resembles scrambled eggs enough to fool people.

I'm afraid this is really a plot strip. Any joke is pretty much complete by panel 2 for anyone who knows the movie. And if you don't know the movie, I'm just going to leave the rest unexplained and mysterious...

2015-12-25 Rerun commentary: Ah, a classic Tempting Fate moment.

Looking back on this strip, I'm very pleased with the staging and camera work in panels 3 and 4. This really was a fun sequence to build and photograph.

You can also notice that the set still has the subtle deliberate reddish tint, which contrasts with the greenish tint that was seen in the radioactive treatment area.

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