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<   No. 1307   2006-08-25   >

Comic #1307

1 Honey: {off-screen} I don't like this getting dressed formally for dinner with a megalomaniacal criminal mastermind.
2 Stud: Don't worry, I'll protect you.
3 Honey: {off-screen} It's not that... It's just...
4 Honey: {entering screen dressed in a formal red dress} I feel naked without my bikini.

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Apart from the recent space strips, I've never had to indicate dialogue from a character off-screen before. I thought this would be straightforward, by having speech bubbles point sideways, but as I put this strip together I realised that they'd point into the next panel, which would just look odd and confusing. So I came up with this method, which I think works pretty well.

2016-02-20 Rerun commentary: I'm pretty proud of the bedside table and lamp in this bedroom scene.

The sudden cut from the previous strip in this story to here may be slightly confusing to anyone who hasn't seen the film Dr No. In the film, James Bond and Honey eat the food supplied in the bedroom, and pass out, drugged. Then the sinister Dr No, seen only from the rear and in partial body shots avoiding his face, walks in and looks at them while they sleep. Then in the next scene Bond and Honey wake up and start preparing for the dinner which Dr No has previously invited them to.

So it's pretty much the same sequencing as the film, but the continuous through-narrative of the film medium makes it a bit easier to interpret.

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