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<   No. 1584   2007-05-29   >

Comic #1584

1 Mercutio: The Martians are waging an information war. There's only one way to fight back.
2 Mercutio: We need to use the Internet to spread our own fictions, our own propaganda. We need a master of rhetoric, who can work miracles with the English language. {Will Shakespeare overhears and walks over}
3 Mercutio: Who can construct hopes and dreams of such compelling nature as to move the citizens of Earth to rally to a seemingly hopeless cause! {Will looks on expectantly}
4 Mercutio: {sitting at his desk and talking into the phone} Hello, is that the Nigerian Finance Minister? {in background Ophelia is comforting Will}

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This is the first strip I made after returning from my recent three-week vacation. I wasn't quite back into the production routine yet, which is why the copyright notice is stark black instead of a colour more closely matching the background, like I usually do. I could change it, but then I wouldn't have anything to write about here.

2017-06-28 Rerun commentary: I never really raised - or answered - the question of what was behind the cubicle walls. One presumes more cubicles that fade off into the distance until the office eventually hits a window, allowing the soft filtered light of day to provide the warm yellow glow you can see. The dark thing in the last panel is probably a support pillar.

In reality, the whole background is just the wall behind my desk, and the dark area in the last panel is an open hallway.

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