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<   No. 1716   2007-10-08   >

Comic #1716

1 Monty: Colonel Haken!
1 Haken: Herr Doktor Jones.
1 Erwin: {waving across all the other people} Hello, Ginny.
2 Monty: But... but... but... how did you get into the Library?!
2 Ginny: {to Erwin} Erwin.
3 Monty: We had to sneak past armed Swiss Guards, the Pope's vicious rottweilers, the diabolical da Vinci lock, the rake, and the giant stone ball! How did you...?
4 Haken: You tell an interesting story, Dr Jones, but we do not have time to go into that now.
4 Erwin: {to Ginny} I brought sandwiches.

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Boy, it's been a long time since Erwin said anything.

2018-05-02 Rerun commentary: 182 strips, to be exact. Up to this point in the story, this is the longest gap in which Erwin doesn't have any lines. There are two longer gaps in the future. One of them is 184 strips long, but it straddles the multi-year hiatus in which I wrote extended annotations (numbered as comics) but didn't publish any new comics. The other is an interval of 228 strips between #2697 and #2925 (future spoilers if you're reading through these comics for the first time).

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