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<   No. 4260   2020-05-22   >

Comic #4260

1 Caption: That evening:
1 Mike: We should be out there helping look for Will!
2 Karen: We’ve been over this, Mike. Chief Hopper said—
2 Mike: I don’t care what the chief said!
3 Karen: He said you kids were too smart for your own good, and he didn’t want you finding Will before he does.
4 Mike: Oh. Well, that sounds about right.

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'80s kids were the best. They solved everything before the adults.

Honestly, I feel my own childhood was a bit inadequate because I never saved an alien from government agents, never saved my brother from being kidnapped by goblins, never hacked the US Defence Department to avert a global thermonuclear war, never found a pirate treasure, never helped an alien to navigate home, never stopped an evil force from destroying a fantasy world, never travelled back in time to make sure my parents fell in love, never went on a quest with friends to see a dead body, and never learnt how to defend myself against bullies and win a karate competition.

Geez, I feel so inadequate now.

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