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<   No. 760   2005-02-24   >

Comic #760

1 {scene: The labyrinth. Another rest break. This time they have split into three groups: Haken and Erwin chat in the background, Monty and Dr Smith talk aside by themselves, and Prof. Jones and Minnesota Jones discuss things.}
1 Prof. Jones: I don't like the way Junior is getting pally with that Russian agent.
2 Minnesota Jones: We might need her help getting away from the Nazis.
3 Minnesota Jones: But I agree. She can't be trusted. The boy needs to keep his eyes open.
4 Prof. Jones: He needs to keep his hands off her! I was going to see if she wanted dinner after we get out of here.

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If you've come here from Websnark, you are probably looking for the Queen of Wands tribute strip.

2014-04-03 Rerun commentary: Okay, wow, that's an old reference to a piece of what must now count as webcomics history.

Queen of Wands was one of the early 2000s wave of webcomics (I want to say "second wave", after the initial forays of comics in the 1990s, but I'm not sure if I'd be contradicting any sort of accepted terminology for webcomics history). It was successful enough that it manages to hang on to a Wikipedia page long after the page for Irregular Webcomic! was deleted for being non-notable. So if you haven't heard of Queen of Wands before, you might want to check it out.

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