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<   No. 830   2005-05-05   >

Comic #830

1 Ophelia: {at Mercutio's desk} Mercutio, can you use your sysadmin privileges to delete the Lord of the Rings files Will is working on?
2 Mercutio: I can't do that! It's an invasion of an employee's privacy! It's highly unethical!
3 Ophelia: We'll also have to hack his home computer to see if he has a copy saved there...
4 Mercutio: Ooooh... a challenge. I'm in!

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2014-06-24 Rerun commentary: J. R. R. Tolkien wrote the original Lord of the Rings using a typewriter. According to various sources on the net, he favoured a 1927 Hammond VariTyper model, which was cutting edge for its day. It had the capability to swap out the letter blocks so that you could insert blocks for italics or other alphabets. Apparently Tolkien expressed a desire to be rich enough that he could afford to have a custom typewriter made so that he could type in his invented Elven and Dwarven scripts. One can only imagine what he would have done with a modern computer.

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