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<   No. 838   2005-05-13   >

Comic #838

1 {scene: Night, outside Will's house.}
1 Mercutio: Okay, I've been watching Will's house for the past couple of hours. He's gone to sleep. Let's go.
2 Ophelia: Um, Mercutio, one question?
2 Mercutio: Yes?
3 Ophelia: Why don't we sneak into his home some time when he's gone out for the evening?
4 Mercutio: He's a tech writer who hangs out on Harry Potter chat rooms! He has no life!

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2014-07-03 Rerun commentary: I bet you never noticed that cat in the background the first time this strip appeared. Or if you did, you didn't pay it much attention.

If this is your second time through the comics in sequence, you might just be wondering about that cat now...

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