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<   No. 837   2005-05-12   >

Comic #837

1 {scene: The Roman Forum. Marcus stands admiring the architecture. A mysterious woman walking by bumps into him.}
1 [sound]: Bump!
2 Marcus: Hey! Pickpocket! Julius, seize her! {as the woman runs past Julius}
3 {Julius ignores the woman and approaches Marcus}
4 Julius: I didn't know togas had pockets...
4 Marcus: Pedantor iocum necat...

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Seize her.


Get it? Okay, stop throwing things at me.

And no, I'm not going to provide a translation for the Latin. This is a cerebral comic, after all. Well, except for the sleazy "Caesar" puns.

2014-07-02 Rerun commentary: I am pretty sure togas do not have pockets.

Of course, I'm also pretty sure that whatever it is that these LEGO minifigures are wearing (as printed on their torsos) are not really togas. For one thing, I doubt Julius Caesar ever wore a belt with a metal buckle.

EDIT: A reader writes:

No, a toga does not have any pocket but belts, buckles, brooches, safety pins or fibulae exist from the Bronze Age or earlier and C. Iulius Caesar was a soldier - he was a general ("imperator" can be translated as "general") - so he surely wore a belt like this or this. Moreover only a poor man or a prostitute wore a tunic without a belt because to do this was indecent.

P.S. Yes, An ancient Roman wore a tunic and a belt under his toga.

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