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<   No. 988   2005-10-10   >

Comic #988

1 Ophelia: Mercutio, I need a word with you about the comments in the production source code.
2 Ophelia: This is being released to clients. These swear words all through it are unacceptable. "Workaround needed because Windows is a piece of..."
3 {Will walks by and overhears the conversation}
3 Mercutio: Oh that's not fair! Linux code comments are liberally sprinkled with profanity. Everyone does it!
4 Shakespeare: {stopping to comment} Open sauce, huh?

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Linux is a computer operating system that works on the open source software model, being that the source code is freely available for users to examine and modify and insert lewd comments into.

And if you still need help, check the sauce.

2014-12-25 Rerun commentary: I don't write production code at work - rather, I write what we call research code, which is code that basically only I will ever run. I write it to perform simulations or analyse data from some experiment, or to model some physical system or something, and once the data are generated I generally have little need to ever run it again.

So things like maintainability and memory and CPU efficiency are very low priorities for me - so low that I normally never consider them at all. I do however have a habit of commenting my code extremely liberally, so that I know what it's doing on the odd chance that I need to go back and look at it a year later. Generally my code is up to 50% comments.

(But not swear words.)

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