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<   No. 476   2004-05-16   >

Comic #476

1 Harry: Hi Ron, you look upset. What's up?
2 Ron: Get a load of this...
3 Hermione: {watching the new exchange student, Will, walk across the room} That student, Will, is just so marvellous./He speaks in iambic pentameter!
4 {scene change: Will's desk in the office}
4 Shakespeare: Hermione would so be into that!

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It's important that "Hermione" has four syllables. If you didn't believe it before, now you have proof.

2013-05-07 Rerun commentary: The name Hermione comes from Ancient Greek. In Greek mythology, Hermione was the only child of King Menelaus of Sparta and his wife Helen (who would become Helen of Troy after being abducted and taken to Troy by Paris, thus initiating the Trojan War).

J.K. Rowling is on record, however as saying that she got the name from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, in which Queen Hermione of Sicily is a major character. She chose "Hermione" specifically because it was unusual and not currently in vogue, to avoid real young girls being teased for having the same name as a character described in the first Harry Potter novel as being swotty and annoying.

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