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<   No. 2057   2008-09-13   >

Comic #2057

1 Will: Hermione, Hermione: don't fight. Violence never settled anything.
2 Hermione: Oh Will, you're right, of course.
2 Hermione 2: How silly we were! You're so wise!
3 {scene change: The office}
3 Mercutio: Will, how's the documentation of the new office conflict management strategy going?
4 Shakespeare: {stops typing and looks up} Er... pretty well, Mercutio.

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Workplace policies.

I would say more, but I need to be careful.

2020-04-12 Rerun commentary: Hey! I don't have a job any more! Woohoo!

There was this time when we had a workplace policy that unencrypted data could not be taken out of the office. And since were were spread across three levels of a building which housed other tenants, who had access to the lifts and stairwells, the lifts and stairs were considered "public spaces" rather than part of the office. So if you had a meeting on a floor other than the one on which your desk was, you weren't allowed to take any notes or notebooks between floors. And since at that stage most of the laptops were not yet encrypted (they later did that), you couldn't take a laptop between floors either.

And since it could be tough to access your email from someone else's laptop, often the easiest way to bring a presentation that you had to give in a meeting room on another floor was to ask IT to place your PowerPoint file onto an encrypted USB stick on your floor, then walk with you to the other floor and help you unencrypt it on the other floor on another machine.

I could go on, but that's enough of a taster for now.

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